I haven’t gone “back to school” since 2013, but I still see the first week of September as a fresh start; even more of a fresh start than New Years!  The weather changes and it feels much more like a transition time that January 1st, which just brings more winter.Does anyone else picture a year as September 1st to August 31st?

A September fresh start for me no longer means new pencils and notebooks, it means an opportunity for reflection and goal-setting...and a pumpkin spice latte. To quote the Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”. September is less a time for vague resolutions and more a time for intentional goal-setting with timelines. This year I wanted to find tools to help keep me accountable to the timelines I set for these goals, so I looked to my community for tips & tricks. Working in tech, that meant being exposed to new apps and chrome plug ins. 

  1. WeekDone: The lovely folks at Accelerate Okanagan and Purppl use WeekDone to track quarterly objectives and break them into weekly goals. This tool is ideal for teams, as the supervisor can see how the employee is progressing and provide support where needed. 

  2. Todoist: Shane Austin of CoLab told me about Todoist last week at Trep Café Tuesday and I’ve really been enjoying it! It is a simple platform that helps you organize all your to do lists and attach deadlines to them. I have used it to break down my big 60 day work goals into tangible tasks. I love that it syncs from your phone, desktop app, and browser

  3. Momentum: Momentum is a Chrome plug-in that prompt you with an inspiring photo, a greeting, and your goal for the day! You see this goal every time you open a new tab, so if you open a new tab thinking of checking Facebook, you see your goal for the day and it gives you a nudge to get back on track.

Do you see September first as a fresh start or a kind of new year? Do you have any tools for setting and sticking to goals? Let us know in the comments!

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