Startup Weekend, the event where you launch a business idea in 54 hours, is approaching quickly and if you’re at all entrepreneurial, I highly encourage grabbing your ticket and participating!

I first attended Startup Weekend as a participant in 2017 and then as a mentor in 2018. Both experiences were rewarding and I always love seeing the creative business ideas during the pitch night.

If you’re not convinced you should attend, here are my 3 favourite things about the event:

1.  You Will Leave Inspired

It’s motivating to spend an entire weekend with people that are excited and passionate about building something. That kind of energy is usually contagious!

Creating a startup in a weekend leaves you feeling pretty accomplished; if you did all that in just a weekend, imagine what else you could build if you set your mind to it. It’s easy to take that momentum from Startup Weekend back into your everyday life.

I found that taking a weekend off from thinking about my full-time job was a great creative reset that left me feeling re-energized and excited to get back into work.

2. You’ll Form New Bonds With Your Team

You’ll create your team on Friday night and meet the people you’re going to be working with for the next 2 days. There’s not a lot that beats the feeling of being on a team and working towards a common goal together.

Chances are you won’t agree on everything, and will be forced to work through solutions quickly and effectively. As a mentor, I saw a few teams where members had different directions they wanted to take things and the teams had to work through these challenges.

Often the pressure of the weekend helps you form quick bonds with your team and by Sunday night you’ll be sad the weekend was over so quickly. When I participated in 2017, I had 2 of my co-workers on my team, and experiencing Startup Weekend with them helped me to understand how to better work with them at my full-time job and improved our relationships.


3. You Will Practice Invaluable Skills

Whether you want to buff up your resume or simply love the thrill of professional development, Startup Weekend is a great way to work on skills that can be hard to find opportunities to improve otherwise. Where else do you get to launch a company in a weekend?

Everyone can benefit from the practice of fleshing out an idea, determining a revenue model, and putting together a pitch deck. At Startup Weekend, you’ll have mentors guiding you so you’ll get invaluable feedback on your ideas.

If you elect to speak on behalf of your team for the pitches, you’ll even get a great opportunity to practice what many people fear more than death itself: public speaking. Personally, this was one of the best parts for me as a participant, as I enjoyed the practice of getting up on stage and sharing what we’d been working on.

Startup Weekend is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and have a great time while doing it. If you can’t commit to the whole weekend, you can also grab a ticket for the demo night and watch the pitches.


Click here to get your ticket for Startup Weekend 2019:

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