This is the first building, like this, in Canada, that has brought together all three levels of government, the way we have, to make this a reality.”


Shortly into the evening Lane Merrifield and Jeff Keen, the two leading ideators of the Innovation Centre and Kelowna Innovation Society, spoke about the building and what it means for Kelowna, the Okanagan, and the growing tech community.  Merrifield stated “This is the first building... in Canada, that has brought together all three levels of government ... to make this a reality.”  Mayor Colin Basran also took the stage to provide his congratulations and well-wishes for the future of the Innovation Centre.

Following the speeches, guests were encouraged to head back inside for more tasty treats, and a dance party led by DJ Invisible


Housing over 35 technology and innovation companies, this building is a hub for the Okanagan Tech ecosystem.  The Innovation Centre is now open to the public so be sure to pop by, check out the living wall, say hi to the team at Accelerate Okanagan, and head up to Perch Café on the seventh floor for a view of the valley.


Photography by Darren Hull Photography.

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