Are you still curious about who is in the Innovation Centre? So often people walk into the atrium of our building and, after looking up at the stunning architecture of the stairwell and glass ceiling, ask "who works here?". Our typical response is "a mix of Innovative companies, largely with a focus on technology, and services that support those companies" but we want you to have a more detailed response. So, over the next few months, we'll be featuring our tenants, floor by floor, to help you get a better sense of who is here!

The first floor is home to Agility Fuel Solutions, North America’s pre-eminent brand when it comes to the design and manufacture of Natural Gas fuel systems for heavy-duty trucks and transit buses. The fuel systems that they design hold natural gas at high-pressures and then deliver the fuel to the engine. Their systems are used extensively by the garbage industry where Methane from landfills can be used as natural gas to power their trucks.

They are a multi-national company with offices throughout the world and almost 400 employees! Their office in The Innovation Centre is called the Global Innovation Office with a staff of 25, including 17 mechanical and electrical engineers. This office also houses three of the company’s founders who felt that the Innovation Centre was a perfect fit with their company’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Agility Fuel Solutions' vision is “Cleaner air everywhere” and they strive to achieve this by designing and manufacturing top-quality products that will help to convince people to switch over to natural gas as an alternative fuel.

Agility Fuel Solutions is tucked away on the west side of the first floor. They are friendly folks and Halloween enthusiasts, so don't be afraid to swing on my and say hello! 


The first floor is also home to Glow Juicery & Blenz Coffee, and is the future home of Gather, a new restaurant opening soon!


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