Meet Emilia and Megan, co-founders of YLW Social, a social event for young business professionals, business students, entrepreneurs and creatives.

As young business professionals in Kelowna, it’s difficult to find events that will connect you with like-minded and driven people within your community. YLW Social closes this gap.

So, what is YLW Social all about?

Working within the marketing and creative space, both Emilia and Megan have seen the benefits of building our community and collaborating with others. They truly believe that community and collaboration over competition will benefit the young professionals within this space and Kelowna itself.

Both co-founders have a strong passion for bringing people together, providing them with a space to learn from one another and kick-start the ability to create connections and build professional relationships. YLW Social is all about our growing business and creative community here in Kelowna.

Why is YLW Social Different?

Ever gone to a networking event? Ever felt out of place? Maybe a little uncomfortable? Ever felt too young to be in the room? YLW Social eliminates these sentiments around networking events. With the goal to provide a care-free, open-minded space where any young professional, business student, entrepreneur or creative can feel comfortable approaching a peer and striking up a conversation.

This isn’t your average networking event.

What do you get from YLW Social? Well, first you get to attend an amazing panel discussion with local experts in their given fields. The YLW Social panels have 5-6 business professionals sharing their wins, struggles and lessons they have learnt along the way. They ask the questions you want to know, and you get to take away golden nuggets of information from some of Kelowna’s favourite entrepreneurs. After the panel, you get a chance to mingle. With a glass of wine to take the edge off, the attendees have the opportunity to chat with one another about passions, projects and possible collaborations – whatever you feel like – the floor is yours now! Get social!

The YLW Social Impact

One of the amazing reasons that YLW Social is so special is where the money goes. All proceeds from ticket sales will be going to the Central Okanagan Bursary & Scholarship Society (COBSS). Next year, one student pursuing their Bachelor of Business Administration Degree at Okanagan College and one student pursuing their Bachelor of Management Degree at UBCO will receive these awards to help with the financial investment of post-secondary education.

The Dream

Emilia and Megan have a clear goal for YLW Social – to empower community and collaboration over competition, to learn from one another and to grow as a community. If YLW Social can be the catalyst that brings amazing people together, that helps forge a connection which turns into a partnership, project – or even future company – this would be the greatest reward for these two co-founders.

YLW Social | Spring Series

The YLW Social | Winter Series sold out – and the Spring Series will not disappoint! Tickets are already on sale for the May 7th event and panelists will be announced starting April 1st. If you missed the Winter Series be sure to get your tickets now for the Spring Series!

Click here to get your tickets!

Follow the Journey!

If you want to follow along, check out their Instagram and Facebook Pages. You will hear about panelist announcements, sponsors and favourite community initiatives.

YLW Social Instagram | YLW Social Facebook Page

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