So you have a beautifully crafted website. You’re totally ready for the customers to start flowing in. You’re excited for them to land on your site and buy your product or complete your form. There’s just one problem, the customers aren’t finding you online. Sounds like your website could use some digital love and we’ve got six ways to show your affection.

1. Treat your site right.

When was the last time you checked to see if your site was working? Do all of the links go somewhere? Are the contact form submissions being received?

Imagine investing time and effort into a successful marketing campaign, only to find that a technical issue has prevented you from receiving the leads! Things do occasionally change with a website, but you won’t get a second first impression with your customers. So, if you’re working hard for the leads, make sure your website is functional –– especially the contact form!

2. Your content deserves devotion.

It’s always time to create content. If your website is new, then start generating fresh, relevant, and regular content. If your website has been around a while, today’s the day to begin reviving your content. Adapt it so it’s current and highly useful. Your customers and search engines will love it! Quality content is highly valued because it shows audiences that you are an expert in your field. It builds authority for your website and brand online, which helps you to rank higher in searches and have more return visitors.

“Updating and republishing old blog posts with new content and images can increase organic traffic by as much as 111%.”

- Backlinko

3. Put yourself out there.

Get social and tell everyone. Today, social media channels are used like search engines. You need to be where your customers are so they find you easily. Communicate on their level, be present on their channels of choice, and give them what they want. In our media-rich world, the customer is in control. They shop how they want, when they want, for what they want. If they can’t get what they need from you, they’ll find it with someone else.

4. Don’t risk it, use protection.

There are a host of brand new tools that can help secure your domain and website, like SSL Certificates that tell web browsers your site is trustworthy. Or DNSSEC that works to protect websites and email addresses on the internet. Have you heard of HTTPS? It provides security and guarantees transparency over the web, and Google loves it. There are a lot of creepers out there looking to take advantage of vulnerable websites. Be smart and stay safe.

5. SEOh yeah, baby!

Web users trust search engines, and search engines trust optimized websites. SEO done well is the smartest way to get people to visit a website. It builds organic traffic and is very good for the social promotion of your site. A good search engine optimization strategy can help generate leads and increase sales. It’s important to note though, it’s not just one single thing or a quick fix. It’s a number of strategic tactics working together to grow your traffic and as a result, grow your customer base.

“75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.”


6. Show you care, be insightful.

Need some insight on almost anything to do with your business online? Google Analytics can give you the low down on things like product sales, campaign performance, customer journeys, who your audience is – it’s crazy how much you can discover! Step one, install the Google Analytics plugin so it can do the data gathering for you. Next step, jump in and familiarize yourself with the dashboard. You can learn about how users are getting to your website and what they’re doing while there. Google Analytics empowers you to work smarter through data.

Love makes the world (and the web) go round. Put it in a little bit of effort and watch your website flourish.

Like the sound of the digital love advice we’re giving, but not sure where to start? Talk to the digital experts at Twirling Umbrellas located right here in the Innovation Centre. They deliver powerful websites and brands, provide ongoing support through SEO and site maintenance, and they’re really nice about it.

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