The idea of Gather was constructed in 2016. The space is meant to be a place to get together, hence the name and the deconstructed Korean symbol on our doorway. Whether it be with friends, family or co-workers, we have worked to create a clean and open space, combining it with aromatic coffee drinks to fuel your work meetings, as well as delicious foods from Korea and Italy to prepare you to take on the day, whatever that might entail. We even have wine and beer options, as well as Soju for those work days that seem to never end.

The unique Korean and Italian fusion was derived from business partners Sung Ji Park and Luigi Coccaro from their respected cultural backgrounds. Sung, our head chef, was born and raised in Padori, South Korea where he grew up cooking. From living on the farm, to his first part time job cooking in a restaurant, he had a knack for creating unique and delicious tastes which led him to pursue culinary school. In 2007, he moved to Canada in order to learn English. He worked under Chef Lauretta Coccaro at La Bussola Restaurant in Kelowna, B.C. for nine years. It is under Chef Lauretta he mastered the Italian cuisine that he has fused together creatively to complement his homeland’s delicacies.

Our most popular dishes are the Bibimbap and the Salmon Poke Bowl. The Bibimbap dish is essentially a bed of rice, with cooked spinach, carrots, and mushrooms marinated in soy. You then have a choice of either beef or tofu. The dish is then topped with Gochujang, which is a sweet and spicy Korean chili paste and a soy marinated egg. The Salmon Poke Bowl is another favourite. Another rice-based dish with fresh vegetables such as carrots, avocado, cucumbers, red onions, as well as the soy cured salmon, topped with a soy marinated egg and wasabi dressing.

We have recently added hot breakfast items to our menu as well. Served from 8am until 10:45 am, we offer 3 items, one of which is the Korean Classic that consists of bacon, avocado, a poached egg, a crispy potato pancake and sour cream. This dish is as delicious as it is filling, and will ensure your day starts off right. If you need something quick and sweet, our display case is always filled with delicious pastries such as our infamous Cruffin. Or if you’re craving something a bit more savoury, our Danish is a must have.

Whether you’re stopping in to have a bite or need a place to read and study, our space is inclusive to all!

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