2018 was a big one for us. We took a look back at some of the highlights and it was very humbling. This building has become the community hub we dreamed it would be and we have all of YOU to thank for that! Here's to reflecting on an amazing year and looking forward for an even better one in 2019.

Twelve: The number of local artists that showed their work in the atrium

Eleven: The number of Arts in the Atrium performances

Ten: The number of film screenings in the theatre

Nine: The number of professionally decorated Christmas trees were displayed in the atrium to raise money for Central Okanagan Hospice Association

Eight: The number of colours in the Twirling Umbrellas umbrella

Seven: The number of companies that moved into the Innovation Centre

Six: The number of Gather cookies we can eat in one sitting

Five: The number of employees hired by Trellis, one of the companies that works out of the UBC Innovation Hub on the second floor with [email protected]

Four: The number of VC rock stars that came together for All Star Coffee 2018

Three: The number of F*ckup Nights that sold out

Two: The number of TEDx events hosted in the theatre


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