How's that New Year's Resolution going...*crickets*... yeah, us too. The good news is that we're here to help give your resolution a mid-January boost! If you've been in the Innovation Centre this month you will have seen our latest community question on the chalk board, "What's Your New Year's Resolution?". We were thrilled to see the variety and depth of your responses and we hope that walking past the board has helped you to keep your resolution top of mind.

The danger of New Year's Resolutions is that they seem specific to the new year. However, it turns out, you can set resolutions whenever you want (they’re called goals)! To support your resolutions we are bringing you a new blog series that will take the most common resolutions and help you break them down into manageable pieces. They may involve mini-goals, more specific goals, tips & tricks, or additional resources


See you next week, when our friends at Glow help with one of the most common resolutions out there..."eat healthy"

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